Top 6 Benefits Of Having Your Chiropractor Come To You

These days, everyone has BUSY schedules and to do lists that never end.  Busy with work, taking care of your kids, taking your kids to sports practices and camps, picking up groceries, cooking dinner, running errands, and the list goes on and on and on.  

It can be hard to make time for yourself.  You don’t have time to drive to the Chiropractor’s office to get adjustments to alleviate your pain, tension, and stress.  The crazy thing is your busy schedule is causing stress which is contributing to the pain and tension you have been feeling! This is why House Call Chiropractic is perfect for you because the doctor comes to you to help you feel better…without the hassle.  

In this blog post, I will give you the top 6 benefits of having a house call Chiropractor.  

  1. Convenience

With your busy schedule, it is difficult to make time to drive to the doctor’s office, fill out paperwork, waste time sitting in the waiting room, get your adjustment, and drive back home.  With Dr. Lee House Calls, Dr. Lee can come to you so you can feel better, without the hassle of driving to a conventional Chiropractor who operates in a brick and mortar office.  

2.  More time with your doctor

I know that time is everything these days, but when it comes to receiving Chiropractic care, you want high-quality care that comes with a reasonable time spent with your doctor.  When you see a conventional Chiropractor, you spend on average of 5 minutes with the doctor.  5 minutes is not much time with the doctor considering you spent 20-30 minutes driving to and from the office and sitting in the waiting room!

With Dr. Lee House Calls, you get 15-60 minutes with the doctor.  Consider it trading in the time you would’ve wasted if you were to see a conventional Chiropractor for quality time with your house call doctor who makes the time to listen to your concerns, provide better assessments, and provide you with comprehensive care which will all lead to better results.

3.  Better Assessments

When you see a conventional Chiropractor, the doctor assessments are limited because he or she is only able to review your history and perform a spinal exam.  With house calls, the doctor is able to see how you live, see your sleeping posture, see your desk/computer ergonomics, see the vitamins/supplements you take, see the foods you eat which are factors that could be contributing to your issues and suggest changes you can make to speed up your recovery.  

4.  Privacy & Comfort

There are some conventional offices that have open adjusting or therapy rooms.  Some people are uncomfortable being watched by someone else that are in the same room while getting an adjustment, performing therapeutic exercises,  or discussing sensitive topics concerning their health.  However, with house calls your doctor is in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.  

5.  Personalized Care

I’ve worked in several types of Chiropractic offices in my 13 years of being a Chiropractor.  All of the offices limited my time spent with patients.  On average, I was only able to spend on 5 minutes per patient because there was always another patient waiting to get adjusted.  5 minutes is plenty of time to get adjusted, however I was not able to spend time providing other services such as soft tissue/muscle therapy, dry needling, and therapeutic exercises/stretches 

that would help patients recover faster.  

6.  Entire family can be seen at the same visit

The entire family can be seen at the same visit in the comfort of your own home! 

Do you find yourself cancelling appointments with your Chiropractor because you are too busy? 

Have you stopped going to a Chiropractor because you were not getting results because the care was not personalized or felt that the time spent was the doctor was short?

Do you feel uncomfortable being adjusted in an open room? 

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