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I was born and raised in Metairie, LA.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Loyola University, New Orleans.  Throughout my college years, I was very active in weightlifting and recreational basketball. During my junior year, I suffered a lower back injury.  I tried everything from pain medications, to stretching, to core strengthening but nothing provided long term pain relief.  For me, surgery was not an option.  I suffered with back pain for three years, which led to a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain.  I was at the point where I thought I had to live with the pain for the rest of my life.  Eventually I discovered Chiropractic through a friend, and it was life changing.  I started feeling better within weeks, after getting adjusted regularly.  Gradually, I was able to start exercising and eventually regained my health.  Not only did my back pain resolve with Chiropractic care, my seasonal allergies which I had been dealing with my entire life also improved.  It was then that I decided, I wanted to spend my life helping people the same way Chiropractic had helped me.

In 2009, I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree & Bachelor in Health & Wellness from Parker University.  I participated in the Clinic Abroad Internship program where I spent 3 months in Bogota, Colombia.  It was an AMAZING experience!  I worked in Colombia’s Olympic Training Facility, where I cared for Olympic athletes from a wide range of sports: Brazilian jiujitsu, judo, mixed martial arts, swimming, fencing, volleyball, tennis, weightlifting, cycling, and gymnastics.  I utilized spinal & extremity adjusting techniques, soft tissue techniques, Graston, cold laser, and Kinesotaping to treat the athletes.

During my spare time, I enjoy working out, learning more about health & wellness-related issues, watching MMA fights, and walking my dog, Ozo. 

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