I am grateful to have worked in a high-volume office for several years which gave me the hands-on experience to become excellent at adjusting the spine and extremities. My adjusting style will vary with each person to best suit their needs.  Throughout my 12 years of professional experience, I have seen many people get better with the typical 5-minute adjustment.  However, I came to realize that many people needed more holistic care in order to stay feeling better for longer.   I realized that spinal or joint dysfunction does not occur without muscle or soft tissue dysfunction.  They both go hand in hand.  If you address one without the other, your chances of long-lasting relief are decreased. This is why I incorporate soft tissue therapy, dry needling (with or without electrical stimulation), & rehab along with spinal & extremity adjustments.  

My Services

Chiropractic Adjustments

Joint dysfunction or fixation is when the joints become “stuck” or are not moving properly.  It is caused by the physical, emotional, and chemical stress we place on our bodies every day.  A chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is performed by hand or an instrument to restore joint function or motion (when a joint is “stuck” or not moving properly) which will relieve pressure, decrease nerve irritation & inflammation, improve range of motion, and improve nerve function (health of your nervous system). 

Soft Tissue Therapy

Muscular trigger points or “knots”, adhesions, and scar tissue are caused by chronic stress, poor posture, sitting all day, overuse/repetitive stress, and trauma.   If left untreated, they can lead to joint dysfunction

The goals of soft tissue therapy are to break down or reduce muscular trigger points, adhesions, and scar tissue.  This will result in decreased pain, lengthen muscles, improved range of motion, reduced swelling, increased blood flow, and improved recovery.  Soft tissue therapy can be done by hand, instrument assisted (stainless steel tool (i.e., Graston) or Gua Sha),

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a treatment that uses a very thin needle to penetrate the skin, and then involves physically stretching the tissues which creates therapeutic lesions in the soft tissue. The therapeutic lesion will promote tissue remodeling of injured and inflamed soft tissue.  It helps to reduce tissue tension and inflammation and improve circulation.  It is a modern treatment designed to ease certain musculoskeletal conditions. 

I offer both Traditional Muscular Dry Needling & Neurological Dry Needling.  Traditional Dry Needling treats the site of pain (i.e., muscular trigger points).  Neurological Dry Needling is an evolution of Dry Needling and looks at the body’s Nervous System .  For example, if you have elbow pain, it is not just your elbow that is inflamed.  It is more than likely you have will nerve inflammation above and below your elbow.  Inflammation does not occur at the site of pain but occurs systemically, especially nerve inflammation.  Neurological Dry Needling evaluates & treats your nervous system.  This is why Neurological Dry Needling is beneficial in reducing inflammation more systemically which will improve the success rate of your treatment.  Dry Needling is not for everyone, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Lee to see if you are a candidate. 

Electrical Nerve Stimulation + Dry Needling

Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers a mild electrical stimulation to soft tissue via a thin needle that is used in Dry Needling.  It is used to increase the positive effects of Dry Needling by producing a rhythmic vibration of the soft tissue.  This results in a powerful effect that reduces tissue tension, including tension of scar tissue, loosens adhesions, restores circulation, & reduces inflammation. 


Kinesiotape is a therapeutic, stretchy tape that is applied strategically to the body to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling, and improve performance.  It is commonly used by athletes to treat sport and non-sport related injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, shoulder, and back pain.  (*Offered at an additional cost)

I’m Dr. Hong Lee, a House Call Chiropractor.

If you hate being stuck in traffic and sitting in a waiting room all for a short appointment, that’s why I created my House Call Practice. I come to you to provide longer appointments, meaning more face-time with me without the hassle.  Are you dealing with pain or discomfort from sitting at a desk all day or repetitive stress? I invite you to schedule a free phone consultation with me to learn more about how I can help you in the comfort of your own home or office.

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