6 Hidden Secrets How Neck Pain Can Take Away Hours of Productivity Every Day

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Neck & Back Pain Results In The Most Lost Work Days

If you’ve been dealing with neck pain due to sitting long hours at a desk or in front of a computer, you’re not alone!

The Institute of Medicine puts the total annual cost of chronic pain in medical care and lost productivity for all Americans at between $560 and $635 billion, with lost productivity accounting for $297 to $336 billion (2011). The cost of lost wages for employees was $226 billion, while the actual cost to employers in lost work time from absenteeism (not at work) and ‘presenteeism’ (functional impairment while at work) was $109 billion. (1)

A 2016 study of estimated absenteeism and presenteeism costs in the U.S. workforce by chronic condition, done by the Center for Work Force Health and Performance at the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), August 2016, found that chronic back and neck pain resulted in the most lost work days – from absenteeism and presenteeism combined – and the highest lost productivity costs of any condition (roughly equal to arthritis and other chronic pain combined).


I am grateful to have worked in a high-volume office for several years which gave me the hands-on experience to become excellent at adjusting the spine and extremities. My adjusting style will vary with each person to best suit their needs.  Throughout my 12 years of professional experience, I have seen many people get better with the typical 5-minute adjustment.  However, I came to realize that many people needed more holistic care in order to stay feeling better for longer.   I realized that spinal or joint dysfunction does not occur without muscle or soft tissue dysfunction.  They both go hand in hand.  If you address one without the other, your chances of long-lasting relief are decreased. This is why I incorporate soft tissue therapy, dry needling (with or without electrical stimulation), & rehab along with spinal & extremity adjustments.  

Conditions I Treat

Patients seek my care for a number of reasons – ranging from pain relief to achieving a healthier lifestyle.  Here is an overview of the conditions I can help you with:


My Treatments allow you to move, feel, and function better allowing you to be healthier.  The results you get are tailored towards your goals and can include:

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