House Call Chiropractic for Exercise and Sports Injuries

Exercise and Sports Injuries Exercising consistently is important to staying healthy but sometimes you may experience injuries that will throw you off from your fitness routine and can set you back.  Major traumatic type injuries may require surgery or a trip to the ER such as head trauma, broken bones, dislocations, or tendon ruptures.  However, […]

4 Ways to Prevent or Fix Desk Job Aches or Pains

We live in the age of desk jobs, where many of us sit at a desk all day behind a computer at the office or working from home which has caused aches and pains all over our bodies. In fact according to the Center for Work Force Health and Performance at the Integrated Benefits Institute, […]

Lower Back Pain: Short Leg Syndrome & How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Are you struggling with lower back pain, hip pain, sacroiliac joint pain, knee pain, or ankle pain? Those symptoms could be cause by Short Leg Syndrome or Leg Length Discrepancy.   Short Leg Syndrome is condition that develops when one of your legs is shorter than the other.  Most people think that having a short leg would cause problems […]

Chiropractic Care Improves Posture

Poor posture not only affects your appearance and self confidence, but it also negatively impacts your health.  Poor posture can cause neck pain, headaches, back pain, poor circulation, breathing difficulties, fatigue, shoulder tension, and early spine aging.   Thoracic kyphosis is an excessive curvature in the thoracic spine that leads to a rounded upper back. Common factors causing […]

Should you see a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain?

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, whether it is a dull ache, sharp pain, numbness and tingling going down your arm and hands, pain in your left or right arm, or going into your neck causing a headache – there’s no denying that shoulder pain can affect your quality of life.  You don’t realize how much you […]

Chiropractic for Low Back Pain

Are you tired of dealing with low back pain that feels sharp, shooting, achey, stiff, or even discomfort?  Suffering from Sciatica? Pain going down your legs causing numbness and tingling? Believe it or not the feeling of your foot falling asleep could be coming from your lower back Low back pain could have many causes from prolonged […]

How Can Mobile Chiropratic Help Your Business?

CORPORATE WELLNESS  If you and your employees are sitting several hours per day at a desk or computer and dealing with job stress, this can cause musculoskeletal issues such as neck pain, headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain etc.  Neck & Back Pain Results In The Most Lost Work Days The Institute of Medicine […]

Top 6 Benefits Of Having Your Chiropractor Come To You

These days, everyone has BUSY schedules and to do lists that never end.  Busy with work, taking care of your kids, taking your kids to sports practices and camps, picking up groceries, cooking dinner, running errands, and the list goes on and on and on.   It can be hard to make time for yourself.  […]

Once I go to a Chiropractor, do I have to go forever?

This is a very common question I hear from people.  The answer depends if you are using it for symptom relief or wellness care.  The traditional approach for medical care is if we have a symptom, we visit the doctor for treatment (typically prescription meds) until the symptom goes away and then we stop the […]

How Often Do I Have to see a Chiropractor?

The answer to this question is different for each patient.  Are you going for prevention (wellness, maintenance) or for pain relief? If you are seeing a Chiropractor for prevention, the frequency is less than for pain relief.  If you are seeking a Chiropractor for pain relief, it depends  on several factors: The severity of pain […]